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ThinkPad T430: Getting rid of Lenovo's Battery Whitelist [READ DESCRIPTION]

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2019 EDIT: Starting with T430 BIOS version 2.82, EC version 1.14, Lenovo has started to include a digital signature that prevents this whitelist from being removed, the EC patch for T420 keyboards, and other aspects of this mod from working. DO NOT upgrade the BIOS to any version newer than 2.81.
Starting with the xx30 series of ThinkPads, Lenovo began blocking out third-party/aftermarket batteries from working properly in their laptops. This is a huge annoyance especially as the original batteries begin to wear out and lose their charging capacity. As of taping this video Lenovo DOES still sell batteries for these older ThinkPads, but that could change at any time as these are 3rd-generation Intel laptops that are now over 5 years old. The fact that Lenovo still offers replacement parts for such old computers is commendable, and I am glad they still support their older products as well as they do. However, if you take the genuine route, a new battery from Lenovo is $150! Some of these laptops cost less to purchase second-hand nowadays! While some may question the quality of after-market batteries, I personally have not had any issues with them and have used them in a number of my laptops and devices, ThinkPad or not. While capacity is not always AS good as the original batteries were when they were new, it is generally an improvement over the worn-out originals. Why pay $150 to get a new battery from Lenovo or even $80 off Amazon when you can get a replacement that is just as good for only $30-40? Again, some may question the quality of generic replacements, and I'm sure if any warranty is still left on any of these machines it would be voided with using a non-genuine part, but I have never had issues with them, and it's just easier to get a replacement than to try to rebuild the original battery.

Anyway, for those of you who don't want to pay outrageous prices for a replacement battery to use in your xx30 series ThinkPad, here's a link to the BIOS mod (this must be built in Linux):


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