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This is Why We Love Magnus Carlsen | Happy International Chess Day :)

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Magnus Carlsen is not only a great player, but also a fantastic person. Take a look at this game - Grandmaster Luis Supi vs Magnus Carlsen. This was one of the greatest queen sacrifice in chess history. Although Magnus resigned & lost in 18 moves, his love for chess came through quite evidently in his reaction during one of his livestreams. This is Why We Love Magnus Carlsen!

Watch the entire video to enjoy the amazing moves, tactics & ideas employed by two masters of the game! Also, check out the chess puzzle at the end. Let's see if you can solve that!

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0:00 Magnus Carlsen Fan - Intro
0:15 Luis Supi vs Magnus Carlsen - The Game
2:41 Greatest Queen Sacrifice on Move 18
3:01 Magnus Carlsen's Reaction
3:54 Chess Puzzle

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