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???? How to get free
????DOWNLOAD LINK: https://bit.ly/2RIn6zC
???? Password: 1234 ????

■ How to use?
1) Download hack
2) Install it
3) Open Valorant
4) Open CHEAT.exe and press "inject"
5) Press "insert" in the lobby to open menu

■ Features:

VISUALS : Enabled - Disable or enable all ESP features
Draw Allies - Show allies, useful for deathmatch
Draw Name - Show player name
Draw Distance - Show how many meters you are away from the player
Show Weapon - Show which weapon the player has equipped
Draw Health Bar - Show the current hitpoints of the player
Draw Snap Lines - Draw a line from the player to you
Draw Box - Draw 2D box surrounding player model
Draw Skeleton - Draw skeletal outline
Draw Head - Draw circle surrounding player head

AIMBOT : Enabled - Disable or enable all aimbot features
Target Allies - Target allies, useful for deathmatch
Aim Lock - Snap to target bone
Auto Shoot - Shoots your equipped weapon when the aimbot is locked
Shoot Delay - Delay between "auto shoot" fired shots
Bone Selection - The target bone to snap to
Bone Y Offset - Your custom offset from the target bone to snap to
Restrict Aim To Circle (FOV) - Aimbot snaps only if the target is within your radius
Aim Radius - The FOV restriction of the aimbot when the option above is checked
Aim Smooth - Slow the aim lock speed to make it look more natural
Ignore Bots - Prevent aimbot from locking on to drones, bots, and other non human player
Control Recoil - Disable or enable recoil control (RCS) when Aim Key is pressed

❌Anyone using my content or re-uploading my video will instantly be copyright claimed, be issued a copyright strike and the video will be removed.❌
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