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Who Is Kritza? | Speculation on a New Character for Warhammer Quest Cursed City | New Vampire Reveal

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Always Board Never Boring was supposed to be uploading a hobby video, and then Games Workshop went and previewed a new vampire miniature with a back story that links him to Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. So, obviously, Always Board took the opportunity to talk about Warhammer Quest instead.

Who is Kritza the vampire? Will he feature in the Cursed City novel? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

And yes, Always Board is well aware his predictions about Cursed City going up for preorder on the first weekend in March were wrong. He's always wrong. He's used to it. Reading between the lines of Games Workshop's recent announcement of delays for new products, he reckons Cursed City has been pushed back from its originally scheduled slot. But he was wrong, just the same.

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